Schedule Master Demo Guide

Demo Access Number: 1-888-846-3796 x7

Experience our system first hand, with a self-guided demonstration. For the Phone demo, use the ‘Telephone Quick Reference’ card that outlines the phone system and shows short-cut keys. Call the  phone number (above), and enter 1001# for both the User number, and PIN number, when prompted. Follow the voice prompts for a self-guided tour of our simple and efficient scheduling system.

One aircraft is available for practice scheduling: 1234A, a PA-28, (4 seats).

Remember, letters are entered by pressing the key with the corresponding letter. Use the 7 key for the letter Q, and the 9 key for the letter Z.

Note: Dates are entered as 4 digits, MMDD. Example; April 4th = 0404#

Time is entered as 4 digits in 24 hr. format, example; 7AM = 0700, noon = 1200, 11PM = 2300

NOTE: Midnight can be a point of confusion. Midnight (2400) is actually 0000 the next day. Use 2359 for the end of each full day.
Internet Access:

To try our Internet Demo, use 1001 for both the user number and PIN number. The same aircraft, 1234A (a PA-28, a 4 place single) is available for practice scheduling. 

NOTE: To demonstrate the scheduling window function, we have set a limit on scheduling to 90 days in advance. 

We’ve worked to make the service intuitive and easy to operate. If you have any questions, please visit our support site at

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